Vanadis 8 SuperClean worked well in Chocolate Ball Mill

Engineered Products for the Food Industry


Ball milling is one part of the chocolate-making process whereby steel balls and agitator arms are used to grind cocoa nibs to homogeneous chocolate cream, making it more refined and achieving the right texture of the chocolate.

During the long-hours of this agitation process, heat and friction are generated. When the cocoa nibs melt into cocoa butter, it produces different acids. Other factors such as the hardness and size of the steel balls also affect the performance of the agitator arm.

Vanadis 8 SuperClean, with high abrasive resistance, high chipping resistance and good grinding properties, has proven to be a suitable material as agitator arms for chocolate making process.


Competitor product VANADIS 8 SUPERCLEAN
 Hardness (HRC) 58 – 63 60 – 65
 Failure mechanism Wear Wear
 Total production time (hours) 8,000 – 9,000 11,000


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