Advanced Technology needs new solutions

Developed for E-mobility

The complex geometries and quality requirements of new e-mobility parts are pushing die life demands to new levels. Covering the whole HPDC package, Dievar has the answer to long production volumes in these challenging new parts.

1.  Structural Parts
These parts have large surface areas with thin and thick sections and demand a high quality surface finish. Parts cannot have heat checking damage on them but this is a challenge due to the multiple gate designs.

2.  Electric Motor Housings
Large cast parts with high demands on quality can suffer from heat check damage, erosion and soldering in complex section areas.

3.  Battery Packs and Boxes
Battery packs can be very large and the weight means lots of heat into the tool. Heat checking damage is often not allowed on the outside faces and die life can be low compared to a traditional cast part.

4.  Reduced Production
Feedback from customers shows that these new part types are running much lower volumes than expected because of high heat checking damage levels. Typical examples are shock tower dies where the goal would be +60K. However, some report under 30K in AISI ESR H13/H11 dies.

Follow  link  to read more about Dievar – a solution optimised for heat checking.

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