Powder Metallurgy

When it comes to the ordinary tool steel, even the most durable can fail resulting in production interruptions, delays and low cost-effectiveness. To counter this, industry leader ASSAB launched the third-generation powder metallurgy (PM) tool steel, in giving tool makers and tool users worldwide a new range to achieve the best possible total economy.

New tools made from ASSAB SuperClean steel are known to last entire production runs – some 40 million units manufactured using a single tool is not uncommon.

Building on the proven success of our PM steel grades, we now introduce the ASSAB SuperClean Concept. Distinguished for its unique properties and unparalleled cleanliness, this innovation represents ASSAB’s most advanced and refined products to date, designed to give you the upper hand in the quest for optimal productivity. Ultimately, it’s the better steel that will improve total economy by outlasting your longest production run.

ASSAB SuperClean Concept employs the revolutionary ASSAB PM production process that eliminates the macro segregation problem common in conventional ingot metallurgical production of higher alloy tool steel. The result is a premium range of tooling materials exhibiting extreme cleanliness and unique properties engineered for a wide range of applications.


Check out Vanadis 4 Extra SuperClean whose chipping resistance is unmatched, Vanadis 8 SuperClean which redefines abrasive wear resistance, or ASSAB PM 23 SuperClean that gives you the best of both worlds in chipping and wear resistance.

In addition to quality material, our comprehensive service package includes excellent delivery service, technical support and a range of additional steel treatment services to seal our relationship as your partners not just a steel supplier.


ASSAB PM 23 SuperClean
ASSAB PM30 SuperClean
ASSAB PM60 SuperClean
ASSAB Tool Steel Performance Chart
Elmax SuperClean
Vanadis 4 Extra SuperClean
Vanadis 8 SuperClean
Vanax SuperClean
Vancron SuperClean
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