Unimax - well suited for scrap metal recycling

Engineered Products for the Recycling Industry

For over a year, ASSAB was working on a project together with a scrap metal recycling company, testing Unimax for recycling knives.

Unimax was first tested in early 2021 for rectangular metal recycling knives and the performance is 100%better than the original knives. Based on this success, the metal recycling machine is now running fully with Unimax knives installed.

In addition, the customer tested Unimax in March 2021 for the jaw cutter and also here, the performance is 3-4 times better than the original parts.  The customer is fully convinced and has installed Unimax on 4 other sets of jaw cutters.

Unimax has proven to be a grade that is well suited for recycling applications.

Click here for more data on Unimax.

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