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Uddeholm, our mill in Sweden, has come a long way in sustainability. Since 1990, Uddeholm’s fossil CO2 emissions have decreased by more than 46%. Uddeholm will continue to work actively to reduce fossil emission by 3,100 tonnes of CO2 per year. By 2030, Uddeholm will be down to zero for fossil CO2 emissions.

Over the past three years, Uddeholm has developed challenging strategic plans to reduce their energy consumption and climate impact. In 2021/22, energy saving projects were implemented that provide savings of over 16GWh of energy and 2700 tonnes of CO2. 1 GWh is 1,000,000kWh, and it is the same as the energy content of 100 m3 of fuel oil or the heating of 40 homes with direct-acting electricity. So 16GWh corresponds to the heating of 640 homes with direct-acting electricity.

The types of energy that Uddeholm currently uses are mainly electricity and natural gas, and to a limited extent LPG and district heating for on-premises heating. Natural gas currently generates the majority of Uddeholm’s CO2 emissions. During the Climate Neutral Week in year 2021, Uddeholm replaced Natural Gas with Biogas and it resulted in a reduction of 1044 tonnes of CO2 emission. Today, it is still not realistic to have a full-scale transition but Uddeholm intends to increase the proportion of biogas. In year 2020, a natural gas furnace was converted to electricity, this led to a reduction of 600 tonnes of CO2 and 1 tonnes of NOx emissions.

Our business is based on a circular recovery. Scrap is melted to create new products. Every metal atom recycled in this way means that new ones do not have to be dug up from Mother Earth. Uddeholm’s products consist of 84 to 98% recycled materials. Today, none of Uddeholm’s residual product go to landfill, but are reused as raw or construction materials.

The global environment is everyone’s responsibility. We will do what we can to minimize our fossil footprint. Through our environmentally leading operations based on a circular re-use and sustainable lifecycle for our products, Uddeholm and ASSAB will be an obvious choice for the growing number of environmentally conscious customers.

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