The Best of Two Worlds

ASSAB PVD Coatings

The use of AHSS (Advanced High-Strength Steel) has increased significantly in the cars body in white (BIW) structures. Hence, from a tooling perspective the demand for better tool steel has also been growing rapidly.

Most of the traditional tool steels and high speed steels can perhaps fulfil one good property, for example high wear resistance with low chipping resistance. This will cause a high risk of breakage due to the high cyclic load on the tool when working in higher strength steel. A much wider property profile is necessary to secure a high productivity and predictable tool life without unplanned stops. A better solution for AHSS application is often a high performance tool steel in combination with a PVD coating.

When choosing the combination of tool steel and PVD coating for a cold work application there are four crucial factors to consider:

1. Failure Type

2. Tooling Quality

The active areas of the tool should be smooth and free from corrosion and white layers in order to obtain the best performance.

3. Tool Steel and Coating Selection

4. Heat Treatment

The most important is to temper the steel at a temperature higher than both the coating process and the retained austenite area.


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