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Vanadis 4 Extra SuperClean

Selecting the optimal tool steel for the plastic injection molding of MPO connectors underscores the paramount importance of choosing the right steel to ensure both wear resistance and toughness. This decision is meticulous and pivotal, requiring a careful consideration of various factors to ensure compatibility with the specific plastic material used in the production of MPO connectors. The meticulous choice of tool steel is essential to ensure compatibility with the specific plastic material used for producing MPO connectors, offering resistance to chemical reactions that could lead to material degradation. Additionally, it must demonstrate impeccable dimensional stability to meet stringent tolerances and specifications. The accentuation of toughness becomes a key element in achieving unparalleled performance in the molding process.

In one of our cases, our client utilized PPS with glass fibre. The presence of glass fibre makes the material abrasive, causing increased wear and tear on the tool steel. As a result, this may necessitate more frequent maintenance and contributing to elevated tooling replacement costs. Additionally, PPS materials typically have a relatively low melt flow rate, leading to slower injection molding cycles and potentially impacting overall productivity.

To address these multifaceted challenges effectively, the strategic choice of tool steel became imperative. Vanadis 4 Extra SuperClean, a solution tailored to overcome these hurdles. This tool steel not only ensures resilience to abrasion, thereby reducing maintenance and replacement costs but also boasts excellent thermal conductivity. This attribute facilitates efficient temperature control, effectively mitigating issues associated with low melt flow rates, and, in turn, significantly enhancing overall productivity in the plastic injection molding of MPO connectors. The careful consideration of material properties and the deliberate selection of Vanadis 4 Extra SuperClean exemplify a strategic approach in optimizing tool steel choices for intricate manufacturing processes, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and heightened performance.

What Vanadis 4 Extra helped to achieve:

 Case Background
 Work Material  High performance engineering thermoplastic
Polyphenylene Sulfide with Glass fiber
 Tool Part  Pin
 Production (number of parts)   >1,000,000
 Dimension 0.127 mm of width with tolerance +/-0.001mm
 Steel  Reference tool Steel
(Competitive steel of various grades)
 Vanadis 4 Extra SuperClean   
 Hardness, HRC  Various  62-64
 Failure mechanism  Breakage  Breakage
 Total Tool Life  Very Short  1,000,000


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