ASSAB Engineered Products for High Pressure Die Casting

Sprue, Distributor and Distributor Ring

In High Pressure Die Casting, molten metal is injected into a sprue, a channel that connects the shot sleeve to the mould, minimising turbulence and air entrapment. The metal then flows into a distributor that distributes molten metal into different parts of a die casting mould. A distributor ring, also known as a sprue bushing, is used to connect the distributor to the rest of the die casting mould. The design of the sprue, distributor and distributor ring is critical in ensuring that the molten metal flows evenly and that the final casting has consistent properties.

ASSAB utilises Additive Manufacturing to produce the sprues, distributors and distributor rings, using premium hot work powder manufactured by Uddeholm. These ready-to-use ASSAB Engineered Products come bundled with tailored conformal cooling and heat treatment. The ASSAB Additive Manufactured sprues are mainly used in three-plate die casting moulds, and the ASSAB Additive Manufactured distributors and distributor rings are designed specifically for use in two-plate die casting moulds that offer excellent high temperature wear resistance, ductility, and tempering resistance, while also significantly minimising soldering. These features help to improve cycle time, decrease downtime and lower maintenance requirement that increase customers’ Overall Equipment Effectiveness, leading to higher productivity.

Soldering improvement

Water Jacket

A water jacket is a part of an engine or mechanical system that uses water to control and maintain the system’s temperature. They are essential in preventing overheating and damage to machinery and equipment by maintaining optimal temperatures.

At ASSAB, we understand that the variations in wall thickness of curved water jackets used in the casting of aluminum engine blocks can pose a significant challenge for foundries. That is why we have developed a solution that combines specially designed conformal cooling, premium steel powder produced by Uddeholm, state-of-the-art heat treatment, and protective coatings such as PVD coating. The water jackets ASSAB manufactured using Additive Manufacturing provide high temperature wear resistance, excellent ductility, good temper back resistance, and significant reduction in soldering, which helps customers save time, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. With our solution, foundries can reduce cycle time, downtime, and maintenance efforts, resulting in increased productivity and profitability. ASSAB commits to providing you with innovative solutions that make a real difference in your operations.


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