Knowing your challenges

There is a trend within the plastic industry that is increasing in the use of high-performance plastics. Those plastics are very corrosive on the tooling and also very abrasive. We see it in electric vehicle equipment like connectors and also thermal management systems where they use plastics filled with lots of glass fibers and also halogen-free flame retardants. We can also see it in metal replacement under the hood in the automotive industry where plastics are replacing aluminum from die casting. We can see it in headlight parts for thermal management where plastics are really doing a good job.

Demanding plastics consist of new resins and compounds that are filled with fillers and additives such as:

  • Glass fibers
  • HFFR
  • Biocomposites

This leads to tribochemical wear – a combination of corrosion and wear that could be very harsh for the tool steel

To overcome these challenges, Tyrax ESR is designed with

  • very high hardness recommended at 55-58 HRC
  • Very good wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance better than AISI 420 ESR type of tool steel
  • High ductility

The combination gives longer tool life and less maintenance when working with demanding new plastics.

Our customers experienced a longer tool life using Tyrax ESR when compared to their previous grades.

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