Tool Holder

Over the past decades, cutting tool design and technology has improved greatly. The same however cannot be said about the tool body and tool holder, whose development has been lagging. With ASSAB’s Tool Holder Concept, this is set to change.

Developed specifically for the extreme working conditions of drilling, milling and turning applications, and in close collaboration with leading tool manufacturers, the steel grades in our Tool Holder Concept represent a new bid to satisfy the demand for superior quality, easy-to-machine tool holder materials.

The driving force behind our Tool Holder Concept is for a new generation of unique, specialised steel grades that satisfy requirements on high hot strength, durability as well as machinability.

While the material cost for tool holders can be as low as 6-10% of the total production cost, machining can account for up to 65% of the total cost. The most common problem with tool holders is fatigue, due to the severe dynamic stresses and high temperatures (of up to 600°C) they are subjected to.

What ASSAB Tool Holder Concept offers above all is improved total economy – for you and your customers, something completely conceivable as the concept calls for the combination of the best cutting tool materials with the leading tool holder steel grades. Since our tool holder steel grades are easier to machine, you will save a lot of time when shaping your tool bodies and chucks.

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