Shaping the future

Since the 1960s, Uddeholm, our mill in Sweden, has been using an electric arc furnace in the smelting process at the steelworks. The fossil CO2 emissions have been reduced by 46% since 1990. We are now using only 100% fossil-free electricity and have products that are made from 84-98% recycled materials.

In 2021, Uddeholm carried out a climate-neutral production week. During Uddeholm’s Climate Neutral week, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) was replaced with fossil-free LBG (Liquefied Bio Gas). All internal transport also switched over to fossil-free electricity or 100% HVO100 (Biodiesel). These measures will lead to a significant reduction of close to 90% of our fossil CO2 emissions. In the same year, Uddeholm borrowed 11 million cubic metres of water to cool the processes. Over 80% of the water is borrowed and returned, having had no direct contact with Uddeholm’s production processes. The remaining amount undergoes purification and is tested carefully before being returned to Lake Värmullen.

We redefined the limits of possibilities. Uddeholm started the journey to fossil-free production and climate neutrality. By 2030 we will have fossil-free production and by 2040 the entire lifecycle of our products will be climate-neutral.

Together, our network of experts around the world works non-stop to create solutions that are sustainable, secure, and long-lasting – for our customers and ourselves. In other words, our customers get much more from us than just steel. They also get our promise to always produce steel that is as kind to the environment as possible. Achieving this is an ongoing process and a promise. We are taking the future into our own hands. 



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