Shearing (industry knives)

Stringent modern demands on productivity and the cutting of difficult and hard work materials, have inspired us to develop the best tool steel in the world. If we can improve tool performance in the most demanding industrial applications, imagine what it can do for your knife blade performance.

ASSAB is renowned for being the market leader for powder metallurgical steel. Our SuperClean range is designed to meet the requirement in the steel making process, which is way ahead of the standard level. For knife manufacturers it means steel that enables sharper edges, tougher blades and trouble-free production with excellent grinding and polishing properties.

ASSAB delivers a superior range of tool steel intended for the large-scale production of knives that exacts precise requirements on features such as straightness, squareness, tolerance and decarburisation levels.

Grades you want to ask for include  ASSAB XW-42 and ASSAB SuperClean series.