Strip Steel

Precision strip steel is a unique product for advanced applications and few other materials show such a variety of property combinations. ASSAB markets a wide range of strip steel and a few examples are flapper valve steel, needle steel, saw steel and the different blades for the paper and printing industry.


The flatness and surface finish of the flapper valve which controls the gas flow in a compressor must be capable of withstanding millions of load cycles. Moreover, the steel must be extremely pure and free from harmful inclusions. ASSAB offers flapper valve steel with optimum properties in refrigeration and freezer equipment, in heat pumps and in air conditioning systems.


A knitting machine comprises thousands of latch needles. These needles are formed from a cold-rolled precision strip steel and then hardened. To ensure that the needles will run smoothly and accurately in the knitting machine, their thickness must meet very close tolerances. Our needle steels meet all the demands that can be put on a high-quality latch needle steel.


Accurate straightness and flatness are the two most essential criteria for optimum performance. Through our production of special steel for all of these blades, we are able to maintain a very high and consistent quality in carbon, stainless and tool steels. Our blades meet today’s exacting customer demands around the world. In particular, our new wear resistant long-life blades, developed from our tool steels, enable customers to enjoy increases in productivity, as well as better qualities of both paper and printing. Longer runs between blade changes means less down time. For the printers, the finely dispersed microstructure of the long-life grades enable less pressure to be used against the expensive engraved cylinder in order to remove surplus ink. Coater Blades and Creping Blades made from these new long-life materials also very much benefit the paper making mills, by reducing down time and improving the consistency and quality of the paper in these very expensive to run plants.