Hot Extrusion-Metal

Hot work tools operate at elevated temperatures and form products in aluminium, magnesium, steel and other metals.

The severe working conditions put high demands on the tool steels used in this application. In general, the steel used for hot work tools should provide excellent hot strength as well as good ductility and toughness.

Other important properties for hot work tools are high resistance against thermal cyclic stresses and good hot wear resistance. In order for the best tool performance, these properties should be uniform and even in all directions of the tool.

ASSAB offers a hot work tool steel program with grades having different combinations of:

  • Good tempering resistance
  • High hot yield strength
  • High ductility and toughness
  • Good thermal conductivity

It is especially important for hot extrusion tools to have a high hot wear resistance and good tempering resistance, as well as for the steel to be easy to machine, to heat treat and to nitride.