Tyrax ESR for the automotive

When it comes to manufacturing high-quality parts and accessories in the car (in this case a switch for a steering wheel made by plastic injection moulding), it is crucial to select a reliable tool steel for the injection mould. The specific steel chosen depends on several factors, including the projected production volume, the material intended for moulding and the desired lifespan of the mould.

TYRAX ESR is a premium plastic mould steel grade which can achieve a high hardness and is corrosion resistant. It is designed with very high ductility/ toughness and is easy and fast to polish to the highest surface finish levels.  This grade is suited for moulding of high performance plastics often filled with glass fibre reinforcements and corrosive additives like flame retardants.  It is also perfect for applications where the surface finish is of utmost importance. TYRAX ESR was tested against a standard 420/1.2083 type of tool steel and the results speak for themselves.

Product:  Push Button
Work material:  PMMA + PC
Tool part:  Moving and Fixed Moulds
Operation:  Injection Moulding
Market / OEC:  Automotive


Reference tool steel New tool steel
Steel grade Type 420/1.2083 TYRAX ESR
Hardness, HRC 50-52 56-58
Failure mechanisms  Wear and Corrosion Still running
Total tool life 0.5 million > 1 million


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