Food Processing

Safe, efficient production with minimal downtime is paramount in the international food processing industry. A demand that ASSAB’s unique product offering can meet.

ASSAB’s tool steel grades for use in the food processing industry are certified according to the European Union legislation (1935/2004) and by specific food groups: dry food, acid food, alcoholic food and fatty food.

Here is an actual case study that llustrates how our tool steel can help cut production and maintenance costs:
In its production of bran flakes, a major cereal producer was using standard A2 steel material in the rolls. This yielded 500 production hours and eight production stops annually. Together with the producer, we explored productivity improvement opportunities and proposed for them to try one of our premium grades, Caldie. The switch saw the production time soar to 1,800 hours with only two stops per year. The upgrade to a more reliable grade brought the producer increased productivity and substantial cost saving, not to mention reduced risk of chipping and therefore improved consumer safety.

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