Machinery Parts

In the manufacturing environment, machinery and components are generally subject to excessive wear and tear, leading to high maintenance costs. This can be avoided if tool steel with better material properties for the function is selected at the inception.

This is where ASSAB’s range of high performance steel comes in as the better option. They may be more expensive than standard engineering steel but they pay for themselves through higher quality, better availability and more efficient production.

ASSAB gives you more compelling reasons to choose from our complete programme of materials and services. The stronger material for example enables the production of components and parts that weigh less. The possibility of heat treatment can also yield major benefits and optimise particular properties, such as wear resistance. Steel with higher ductility and toughness translates into lower costs for wear and maintenance. Ultimately a better steel increases productivity and improves your overall economy.

A better material is just one part of the equation. ASSAB’s steel is manufactured with care using special technology. Our extensive product and dimension programme is characterised by high-alloy materials, production through ESR and powder process, adapted heat treatment, and meticulous quality control, such as ultrasonic inspection.

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