Heat Treatment

As a tool steel supplier who also provides heat treatment, ASSAB is both a pioneer and an industry leader. Our heat treatment service helps harness every steel piece for enhanced tool performance.

At ASSAB, heat treatment is meted out with care and precision to attain the required hardness. But more than that, the treatment fortifies high wear and cracking/chipping resistance (for use in blanking and forging); high heat checking and erosion/corrosion resistance, as well as toughness (for die casting) and high corrosion, high polishability and high dimensional stability (for plastic injection moulding).

ASSAB’s premium heat treatment service is possible with its state-of-the-art vacuum furnaces which offer menu-guided process control with full documentation of all process parameters. Heating with hot gas circulator and a cooling pressure of up to 15 bar with nitrogen allows increased heating and cooling performance, as well as furnace temperature uniformity.

Heat treatment in ASSAB is multi-faceted.