Powder Compacting

Powder compacting is a coining operation in which material enters the die in the form of powder rather than solid metal. The resulting green compact is then sintered and maybe further sized or coined to give better tolerances or to improve properties. Powder compacting processes are critical to your tool life. With ASSAB steel for powder compacting, you can significantly increase the lifespan of your tools, often doubling it or even longer than tools made of conventional tool steel or high speed steel.

The proper steel selection for this application depends primarily on powder type, required density of the green compact and part geometry. It is also important to identify the dominant failure mechanisms of the process so as to find a steel grade with properties that will tackle them.

Galling, adhesive wear and high friction are common problems to consider. One of ASSAB’s most effective solutions to these is Vancron  SuperClean with its internal surface coating that vastly reduces friction.

One proven ASSAB problem solver is the highly robust Vanadis 4 Extra SuperClean. Other ASSAB problem solvers are Caldie and Unimax – two Electro Slag Remelted (ESR) matrix type cold work tool steel.

Leverage on the desirable properties of the ASSAB steel range to achieve superior results in your powder compacting process – higher quality, shorter production lead times and improved economy while meeting all manufacturing requirements.