Transfer Moulding

Transfer moulding is a common method for production of electronic devices such as integrated circuits, capacitors and diodes. Unless a suitable mould material is used, the mould is prone to wear due to the high amount of filler.

Carbide rich steel grades are most ideal to increase wear resistance. A high compressive strength helps to avoid indentations while bigger inclusions in the mould material must be avoided as that may give an imperfect surface.

ASSAB has a wide range of grades to meet the different mould material requirements. For high filler content, choose from the ASSAB SuperClean series, ASSAB PM 23 SuperClean and ASSAB PM 30 SuperClean; for lower production or less filler content, opt for Vandis 4 SuperClean or Elmax SuperClean. For production of low value semiconductor components and also conventional materials with high hardness, ASSAB XW-42 or ASSAB 88 can be used.


AM Corrax
ASSAB 2344
ASSAB PM30 SuperClean
ASSAB PM60 SuperClean
ASSAB Tool Steel Performance Chart
Elmax SuperClean
Tyrax ESR
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Vanadis 4 Extra SuperClean
Vanax SuperClean