Cold Forming

Forming of sheet metals are production processes widely used to manufacture products like vehicles and home appliances. Demanding new sheet materials bring new challenges to your tooling solutions. This is why we always strive to be one step ahead – in knowledge, in materials and in true commitment.


Bending is one of the most common forming operations used in changing the shape of a material by deforming it around one axis. The selection of the tool steel selection depends primarily on the work material type, strength, thickness and part complexity. The most critical failure mechanisms for bending of softer work materials (≤300 HB) are abrasive wear and adhesive wear. For harder work materials (>300 HB), they are abrasive wear, adhesive wear, galling and plastic deformation.

Press Forming

Press Forming is basically a cold bending operation used to shape, flange or make shallow impressions in parts previously blanked out or sheared from sheet. The most critical failure mechanisms for press forming of softer work materials (≤300 HB) are abrasive and adhesive wear. Harder work materials (>300 HB) are abrasive, adhesive, galling and plastic deformation.

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