Hot Work Tool Steel

ASSAB boasts a long and wide-ranging experience in the supply of quality hot work tool steel with properties that allow optimum operations at constant elevated temperatures.

Such profile properties include good hot strength as well as excellent ductility and toughness. Other important tool steel properties are a good resistance against thermal cyclic stresses and a good hot wear resistance.

A hot favourite in the ASSAB hot work portfolio is the Dievar with unparalleled ductility, toughness and heat checking resistance together with high hot strength and temper resistance make it the best and natural choice for a wide range of hot work applications but particularly in high pressure die casting.

Coming a close second is specialty grades such as QRO 90 Supreme and Unimax characterising further improved heat resistance and hot wear resistance at elevated temperatures.

Check out other ASSAB tool steel suited for hot work in these common application areas: die casting, hot stamping, extrusion and hot forging.

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