Die Casting

Pressure die casting offers an economical way of producing large quantities of complex, high tolerance parts in aluminium, magnesium, zinc and copper alloys. The continued growth of the die-casting process in many industries is leading to demands for long production runs and therefore dies with longer lifespan.

Die-casting dies are exposed to severe thermal and mechanical cyclic loading, which puts high demands on the die material in its resistance to heat checking, erosion/corrosion, cracking and indentation.

ASSAB is a leader in the supply of a range of die materials that meet standard industrial specifications such as NADCA. They include grades Dievar, ASSAB 8407 Supreme and QRO 90 Supreme.

Dievar with its unparalleled performance superior over many competitor materials is worth special mention. Encompassing outstanding chemical composition and the latest in production technique, its exceptional property profile includes unmatched ductility, toughness and heat checking resistance. Its high hot strength and temper resistance also make it the logical choice for a wide range of hot work applications especially in high pressure die casting.

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