Surface Coating

Among the many surface treatments, PVD coating is one of the best and most advanced technologies to improve surface properties. With tailored coatings, the hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and tribological properties can be modified to resist different surface failures.

In PVD coating applications, ASSAB is both a pioneer and a leader as a tool steel supplier. We offer a wide range of PVD coatings for different types of applications: high hardness and abrasion resistance for cold work, thermal and abrasion resistance for hot work, and corrosion and abrasion resistance for plastic moulding. To achieve combined properties, coatings can be designed to be in variable layer structures – monolayer, multilayer or nanostructured coatings.

With advanced nanostructured coating such as Sistral, it is possible to specify very high hardness, high wear resistance at elevated temperature and an exceptional oxidation stability all at the same time.

At ASSAB, you can also access state-of-the art patented PVD coating innovation from the renowned sister company Eifeler – world-leading coating company with more than 30 years industry experience.